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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  March 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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nude tonight on wral news on trevor pick up investigators returned to the scene where a raleigh police officer shot and killed a suspect. >> class a we learn about an accident off the coast leaving eight soldiers injured. a new twist in a recently deadly office issued. >> raleigh officer d.c. smitty is still on leave. ken smith is outside the raleigh police station to explain why he went back. >> reporter: this is all part of discovery made during an independent investigation conducted by attorneys of the family.
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sbi and the da which brought crime scene investigators back to the area. the examined the scene where the shooting happened in february. representatives appeared to find a bullet hole that did not show up in the initial police report on fibber 25. police officer shot the victim after the officer said the two struggled. the officer was trying to arrest dinkins on an outstanding drug warrant. >> if that is a bullet hole and there is a glut matching the officer's gun, that would contradict his payment that the shooting happened around the corner on the patio. that would be a significant contradiction between his account and what the physical evidence which shall. >> reporter: the officer maintained he opened fire on dinkins after it appeared he
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investigators found a stolen weoneahis body. a preliminary report shows he was shot four times in the upper body. holmes also used this opportunity to appeal to the officer for an interview. they want to speak to twitty so they can clear up what he calls, inconsistencies. he will have to wait and see if he agrees to an interview. eight sailors had to be taken to the hospital following a training accident on board the uss dwight d eisenhower. there was a routine landing by a hawkeye aircraft. officials say they are in stable condition. the ship left port yesterday for a month long training exercise in preparation for an upcoming deployment. europe's most wanted fugitive is in custody.
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building and capture the prime suspect in last year's deadly attack. the suspect was found in the neighborhood where he grew up. he had slipped and eluded capture. belgian prime minister is: the arrest a success against hers a bit a judge denied the request to stop deportation by a teenager. in the teens parents learned the news and we have more. >> reporter: if he is deported company could cost his life. tonight an attempt to put a hold on that deportation was denied. we arrived as the family founder. the family learned the 19-year- old would not be safe from deportation. a request to stop his return to honduras was denied by a judge. his mother talked with us through an interpreter.
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of experiences. >> reporter: her son is a student at riverside high school indura. in january he was detained by agents when he left for school. since then, many have taken up the fight to keep in in the us- backed some gathered outside the office of congressman g.k. butterfield. butterfield says he has made the case and said, i insisted mister acosta not be deported and requested his release so he could have a fair shot of resenting his case for asylum. the judge denied the state a short time later. supporters fear the teenager could be returned to honduras as early as this weekend. his mother is worried. >> the gangs are mining concern. >> reporter: she says those gangs could kill her son. >> she is afraid of him going back to his country.
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the gangs are waiting for him. >> reporter: that's why supporters will not give up. one of them talk to acosta on friday as he sits and federal detention. >> he was happy to note that the community is fighting for him. he said, i am not giving up. he said, i don't want to go to honduras to be killed. >> reporter: i spoke to officials and they cannot confirm or deny if acosta will actually be deported this sunday as some do fear. that is for security reasons. we do note tonight another attempt to keep him in the u.s. has failed. a judge set bond for a woman charged as an accessory in a double murder. she was arrested and appeared in court today. she was charged in connection with two murders two people were found dead in a mobile home and a toddler was found
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gerald paul junior is charged with murder. hundreds of pets are in a new home tonight. there was a mass pet adoption. earlier this year the aspca seized 150 dogs and cats from an unlicensed shelter in polk county. if you would like to add a new member to your family, go to the warehouse in sanford from 10 am to 6 pm. north carolina congressman david price will travel to cuba with the president. this will be the first visit to the country in nearly a century. the president plans to give a historic speech on cubic -- cuban television. he will meet with cuban president and attend a state dinner, meet with cuban dissidents and attend a baseball game. alina santiago is going back to
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a space capsule carrying two russians and an american is headed to the iss. the launch appeared to be flawless. it is to docked with the space station a few hours from now. the three will start their six- month mission onboard the iss. at the end, williams would make the cumulative record four days in space. victory today for nontenured duke faculty. the faculty voted 174-29 in favor of a union gap supporters say non-tenure staff face disparities. hulk hogan won a multimillion dollar lawsuit against a media company. he sued the company after the posted him having sex with his
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after years of documented inefficiencies, stage motor fleet promises taxpayer savings. motor fleet projected to million dollars in savings by buying smaller vehicles. motor fleet has been slow to change. in recent months, the agency moved daily car rentals to private companies. it has also worked to tighten up tracking and usage of cars. you can reserve a parking space before you get to the airport. park or do you -- rdu is holding a parking facility. the safest city is holly springs, carry, 4, apex, 5 back
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out the top 10. beautiful weather won't be sticking around for the weekend. >> meteorologist mike maze joins us. >> you can see the mess to the west. storms we will not see will be general rainfall. cooler temperatures are on the way. there will be a return to sunshine. we'll let you know when in the forecast coming up. >> thank you. also coming up, the extra steps local peach farmers are taking to help save the crops.
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about a shooting of a greenville you are watching wral news on fox 50. police chief in greenville south carolina identified th sh tt was killed. officer jacobs was shot several times by a man who is an admitted gang member. officers were trying to serve a warrant when he opened fire. no charges will be filed in a daily accident follow the lee county sheriff. he was driving when his atv
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crashed into the deputies cruiser. mclean died at the scene and another deputy was taken to the hospital. north carolina woman escaped a carjacking. catawba county deputies say a man armed with a gun try to kidnap her. she managed to escape and drive to her daughter's bus stop. officers arrested him an hour later and found a gun he may have used. lee county health department is holding an informational session on syphilis. the number of cases in the county is at a 15% high. people were diagnosed with early syphilis this past year. health workers say the best way to stay safe is to avoid unprotected sex. pollen is expected to reach seasonal highs. if you are allergic to pollen, limit your time outside into levels go down.
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high when they reach 270 g per cubic 270 g/m3. in the spring, they could reach above 1000 g. a wild fire has now spread to 3000 acres. the state forest service is helping crews contain the fire. they brought in crews and water. the fire is not close to structures but homes across the street from the national forest are there. hopefully the fire will stay far enough away. >> we have a lot of dry weather . >> and the leaves from the winter are good fuel source. we may have rain but not a lot. chill and green return for the weekend. it won't be a complete washout.
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is the earliest equinox we have seen since 1986. chilly start to the work week and first freeze earlier in the week on monday and tuesday. we will watch for that. temperatures rise into the upper 70s by thursday and friday. temperatures are all over the place this week. it's rather pleasant this week and the dew points, 33. relative humidity, 37%. 60, holly springs. 56, wake forest. 59 durham. greensboro is at 60. 62 in fayetteville. 61 in goldsboro. all of that gray color is the cloud cover advancing upon the area.
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chance for rain. this is a very disorganized system. i don't think it will get going until the area of low pressure starts. we have a stationary frontal boundary triggering thunder storms. this is producing big thunderstorms with the potential for large hail across north texas. we could have rain starting tomorrow morning picking up in the afternoon. temperature-wise the coldest air is to the north and west through the weekend. we had 78 yesterday, 70 tuesday. tomorrow upper 50s. sunday, upper 40s low 50s. clouds increase overnight and tomorrow we should wake to mostly cloudy skies or a full overcast. chances exist for sprinkles. farther to the north, snow is possible.
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that rain will pick up overnight and sunday afternoon should be cloudy. through the weekend, have the umbrella ready. you could run into spotty rain overnight and the first part of the day sunday. overnight, clouds increase temperatures decrease. low 40s in southern virginia. tomorrow morning fitness forecast is looking dreary with a little bit of sunshine and sprinkles possible. 50 degrees by 8 am. 56 degrees by noon. tomorrow afternoon mid-50s in fayetteville. 56 in roxborough. let's check out the rainfall probabilities for tomorrow. we will take a look at sunday. not much in the morning perhaps sprinkles.
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afternoon and it's 50% by 2:00. rather high by the evening then drops by 11:00. 39 sunday. probability of rain high in the morning then drops off. monday we're back to sunshine. we have a potential for a like freeze but trending warmer than what we had yesterday. >> you can stop there at 70 degrees. >> i like 72. lets stop there. >> thank you. she says she is in the right place at the right time. >> others say the clerks quick thinking saved the baby. jeff? on the tar heels side the
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against yale north carolina providence play tomorrow night. there are three players who were nba ready. fryers chris don and bentyl and
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verbal challenges from his father and current coach. >> reporter: when bryce johnson makes a big play, it's hard not to notice. >> when he is making tremendous plays and jumping up and down, we feed off that to. >> reporter: his primal scream therapy has been going on since he first arrived but happens more now. >> ice cream like i did then and i still do. it hasn't changed much i play more now. >> reporter: when johnson is on, his team follows. >> he shows energy and excitement and everybody follows and plays better. >> reporter: his in game excitement takes getting used to at least four his head coach. >> there is no doubt it's not harmful. it's who he is. i am old school. if he doesn't run back on defense, i have taken him out on games.
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style is nothing new for johnson. he played for a similar coach in high school, his father. >> my dad got on me for everything. he never let me get away with anything. >> reporter: just as long as he gets back on defense. ken medlin, wral sports. this game brings them back together. much has changed. >> reporter: after falling behind by nine within one in 50 seconds in the first meeting, he made a very on duke like decision. >> we had to find something that would work. >> we were able to have our will and psychic >> reporter: the ends
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this early surge made the and results looked lopsided. >> it was earlier in the season and we didn't have that experience. joke given it's clear effectiveness, does that mean the devils will be zoned in tomorrow as well? >> considering duke's defense its man-to-man. >> i think it will be there again. it does give teams trouble. >> sometime we struggled. >> we definitely know they are preparing for that. we have to be conscientious. >> we will go over that in practice. >> whatever defense we play, make it work. >> reporter: the say it's mastery has improved gratefully as evidenced by their cracking of dallas similar zone defense and last night's victory the first ncaa tournament win.jared
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providence rhode island. remember raymond? he played one year before moving to nc state. this will be a day he remembers. the blue raiders 15 seed upset and is 90-81. tennessee will now play syracuse. 10th seed at temple. how about a shining moment for senior adam would very with a follow before the buzzer. the will now play villanova who was a 30 point winner over unc, asheville. both unc out. we still have duke in north carolina. >> there aren't many perfect brackets left. >> four major brackets across
10:26 pm >> maybe there are more there. >> none in this building. >> there is a familiar sound all across the country. >> is that yours? >> i am still good. >> i still have three. >> thank you, jeff. the boston marathon is one of the city's biggest events and coming up what they did to get ready.
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on bill goes back to uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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you are watching wral news on fox 50. another political round is set for tuesday. donald trump leads. >> ted cruz received a circuit and we talk about that and the overall battle for conservative support. >> how are you? >> reporter: mitt romney announces he is voting for ted cruz and endorsing an open convention. he writes on facebook , quote, a vote for governor kasich makes it likely trumpism would prevail. >> [ music ] >> reporter: ted cruz is
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the race at a pivotal crossroads. >> this primary is a critical moment where donald trump obviously has a lot of momentum, he's in the lead right now and i think the only way to beat him is to come together and unite as one. >> reporter: this as trump talks that ominous warnings. >> i don't think you can safely don't get it automatically. i think you would have rivals -- riots. took the art scorning him for. >> no one should be surprised donald trump is trying to stir up rights. i wish we had a candidate bringing us together. >> reporter: he is not only facing political attacks the hack group anonymous also taking a. >> donald trump has set ambitions on the white house in
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fascism. >> reporter: hackers declaring total war releasing what they allege to be donald trump's phone number and such as freedom. >> we do not forgive. we do not forget. >> reporter: the trump campaign says officials are seeking the arrest of people behind a. one of trump signs received a threatening note as his manhattan apartment containing a suspicious powder. authorities are investigating. >> trump one north carolina on the republican side. to see the results go to the political section of baltimore ravens player tray walker has died from injuries sustained in a dirt bike crash. the accident happened when he collided with an suv he was
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head injuries. he was wearing dark clothing, no helmet and his headlights were not on. he played one year in the nfl. police are investigating. prep school graduate is in the new hampshire jail. a judge revoked bond for owen labrie after he missed his curfew eight times. as part of his release he had to be at his mother's home between 5 pm and 8 am. atlanta police found the getaway car but no suspects in a jewelry store robbery. the crime was caught on camera yesterday. five robbers entered diamond solutions, surrounded and shoved the employees to the ground. they smashed the cases and stole jewelry the woman who let california police on a chase in a van decorated in the mystery
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she admits she was involved in the march 6 chase reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour and causing crashes. they took her into custody and charged her. the electronic components in your car are becoming popular targets for hackers. a warning has been issued saying criminals i'm accessing manufacture electronics more often. they are gaining access to breaks, transmission and steering. in american company says new airport scanners will speed up processing time for travelers around the world. >> rick leventhal shows is the fully automated scanner that can process 30% more bags than the current systems. >> reporter: airport security lines have gotten longer because of reduced tsa staffing,
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screening. this new machine could make the process faster and safer. >> the system takes it to the future. it's the ability to detect explosives which is important. this will take us from the present and put us in a much better place overall. >> reporter: it's called the detect 1000 developed by a company outside boston. it uses a cat scan to provide 3- d imaging of everything in every back sensing weapons and explosives. he does not require passengers to unpack electronics or liquids. >> within four seconds, we have captured it and analyzed it. >> reporter: it does this automatically so that tsa agents don't have to stare at a screen. >> testing has proven they might catch it 50% of the time.
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the time. we take the decision out of the operator's hands. we have a much more reliable and robust way of doing scanning. >> reporter: the machines can scan 30% more bags thacurrent models and company representatives say it is its test. will the company ways for approval to deploy it in america, it's already installing overseas. >> we know the actively collect against our technology and look for phone abilities. >> this has fewer of those? >> absolutely. it's a way to identify threats as they come into the airport. >> reporter: it could be in a major u.s. airport by this summer. in massachusetts, rick leventhal, fox news.
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the 2016 boston marathon. the mayor was fair along with last year's winner the theme is endurance. 500 banners will line the streets of the city leading up to the race on april 18. is the story of christ's last hours on earth. the passion will be broadcast here life.
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children out in today's one of the greatest stories ever told will be told on the street in new orleans. >> we go to the latest procession route of, the passion. >> reporter: sunday's live musical production of the passion is said to be epic taking place on the streets of new orleans. the story is a contemporary retelling of jesus christ's last hours. it is narrated by tyler perry.
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part of it, i thought, thank god i am not producing it. i thought, how do you pull this off? the producers are great. >> very excited. it will be a powerful story. the way it's being told will be compelling to a much larger demographic. >> it is a story with a lot of love and a story we have known for years. it's a cool twist. i feel like it will be a refreshing twist. as for the popular songs featured, >> love can move mountains from the amazing celine dion. home from philip phillips. calling all angels from train. >> reporter: executive producer says the show will appeal to all audiences.
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show is for nonbelievers. it's the greatest story ever told. to get it presented with the songs you know and love is a really modern and inclusive we to do it. >> this will be something. you can watch the passion life this sunday at eight you can watch the passion life this sunday at 8 pm right here on fox 50. >> mike says the weather will be perfect in new orleans. the mothers medical emergency caught on camera. >> just ahead, a quick response to help a baby. mike? take a look at temperatures across the nation. it is mild in the south but
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northern and you're watching wral news on fox 50. a fayetteville man is in the hospital after suffering smoke elimination -- inhalation from a house fire. there were two adults and some children in the house. everyone got out safely. new tonight. we have learned one person was killed and another taken to the hospital following a head-on crash just outside of pinehurst around 8 pm.
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they have not released his name or the identity of the men taken to the hospital. the grass is under investigation. tonight we are hearing from the store clerk credited for quick thinking for saving a baby. >> the video went viral as kevin torres reports, the clerk doesn't think she was hero. just someone in the right place at the right time. >> come on up, ma'am. >> reporter: when you work at a convenience store, some things don't change. you get to know your customers and you get to know them well. >> i see people all the time. >> reporter: on sunday, >> i never saw this one before. >> reporter: she walked in to her store. >> she had a glazed look on her face. i knew something was wrong. i reached over the counter and
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>> reporter: without notice, she collapsed. >> it scared me. every time i watch it, it hurts. >> reporter: turns out mom had a seizure. she is fine and so is the baby. as for rebecca, she doesn't feel like $1 million even though customers say she said. >> when you get your first million, remember me. >> reporter: she is getting praised one sale at a time. reminding people she is not a hero. just an average person who did what was right. >> good for you. >> she has a good heart. >> goosebumps. oh my goodness. thank goodness she was there to grab the baby. >> and she eased the mother's
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>> she could have landed face first on the title. >> everybody is okay. we have a so-so weekend coming up. with all the warmth it brought us out along with the blooms. the peach blossoms are out. the forecast for freezing weather early next week has farmers in montgomery county on alert. they use wind machines that can add warmth to the orchards. farmers are optimistic they should be okay. the numbers we're looking at monday, 33. if we have a freeze, it will be on the light side. were hoping for the best for those who have peach trees. amy and mike will be here this weekend to let you know if the
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as we go through the night, take a look at the warnings. we mentioned the thunder storms pounding new orleans. big storms across south texas. likelihood for hale to continue -- hail to continue. there is a boundary along the gulf coast. has this energy swings to the south and east this will carry moisture into the area. sunday should be cooler. 50 tomorrow. upper 40s, 50 on sunday. by monday lows in the low 30s. likewise for tuesday. it's a quick shot of cold air. tuesday is chilly. on wednesday we see yellow which denotes 70's.
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the next trough will try to get in bringing rain. it doesn't look like we will have a return of the chill. in fact, it may stall to the east. with that system developing off the coast sunday, it should bring snow to the mid-atlantic states, north east, new york city, boston, dc, west virginia. if you are traveling to the north tomorrow night and into sunday may be slow down because of that precipitation. here is the seven-day forecast. a lot of cloud cover. maybe a quarter of an inch to a half-inch saturday into sunday. sunday afternoon clouds with sprinkles. mid-50s on monday with the
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temperatures go back up. >> as long as they don't keep going up and up. >> fact is a song. what goes up, must come down.
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a gadsden county mother is in trouble for keeping her children out of school. she is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. her three children have not been to school in more than three years. neighbors say they never saw evidence to suggest what was happening next-door. >> i was very surprised. my kids have played with their kids. the seemed like a regular family. >> officials are working to get them back in school. last week we profiled the furniture for families in need. >> tonight we look at a group that delivers free beds to children. >> reporter: this wake county program is called, sweet dreams. >> it's a lot to ask a child to come to school when i have
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>> reporter: sweeter dreams helps children who have no beds to sleep on. many don't have a blanket when i try to fall asleep on the floor at night. >> last night we gave over 400 beds. 180 we delivered to their house. >> reporter: every day teachers in wake county allow students from low income families to take naps before an hour or longer at school beusthey didn't get enough sleep the night before. >> it is said. during that nap time they are missing instruction. they are always catching up with those students. >> reporter: school officials see an immediate difference in the academic performance and temperament of children who finally have their own bed. >> you see the kids in school after they had their first my's sleep. they are all smiles.
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great. sweeter dreams is looking for people willing to donate and transfer beds. money is tight but they are determined to keep this program alive. how does this make you feel personally? >> it gives me sweeter dreams at night. >> reporter: bill leslie, wral news, raleigh. >> the program provides the dead, actress, comforter, sheets and pillows. for the second time, athletes raced to the top of the eiffel tower. a man and a woman climbed 1667 steps. the two winners also won last year. >> they were practicing a lot. >> no elevators. we have been showing you
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u.s. arboretum. >> this bird known as mr. president and the first lady is nesting. the eagle eggs have a 35 to incubation.. >> you know what they are going to name them? >> it will be fun to watch them. >> the video is so clear and crisp. >> the eagles have an hd camera set up on the tree.
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>> have a great wendy hates dirty lawn furniture.
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cleans all of wendy's lawn furniture without damaging any of wendy's lawn.
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lights, camera, access. >> you went to your son's berth day party dressed as batman? >> it's not that i went there. it was at my house. >> jennifer had her say about the split. now it's ben's turn to face cameras. never hurts to have a fellow superhero at your side for support. >> how does that feel? >> no one has brought that up. [ bleep ]. >> madonna's rebel ways roll on. could she face any legal trouble for her latest stunt? looking down here with tears in her eyes. >> prince harry gets very specific about his memories of mom and even his hopes for a family of his own. have you told them, let up on megyn kelly? >> heraldgeraldo is tight with trump but may be his next target.


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